It’s another edition of Wordless Wednesday! The past 6 weeks have been filled with fun travel adventures to Florida, Edmonton, Toronto, and Kingston.

I have a couple more trips over the next couple weeks to round out this pregnancy. Up next is San Francisco to present at the Nor-Cal Fitness Summit and then back to Florida for the first ever StrongSmartMama retreat!

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

1. Handstands on the beach!

This was about 5-6 weeks ago. I’ll get an updated upside down pic in a couple weeks at SSM on St. Pete’s Beach!

Beach Handstand 22 weeks


2. Hypopressives 

I had an incredible time learning core and pelvic floor training techniques from Trista Zinn and Tamara Rial at the Hypopressive course in Edmonton. It’s likely very different from what you currently think of #coreandfloor training.

I’ll be using these in my own postpartum recovery, to really groove the exercises before I begin using them with my coaching clients.

Trista and Tamara kneeling


3. Girls Gone Strong filming and fun (+ secret projects!)

I wish I could tell you what we’re doing here…but I can’t 😉 All I can say, is that you’ll be VERY excited to see what the finished product is.

Molly Hip Thrust GGS

4. Travel snacks

I like to have some protein bars on hand while I’m traveling in case there’s a loooot of hours between meals. Vega Sport bars are my go-to.

Vega Bars Travel


5. Reignite & Revitalize!

This day was INCREDIBLE. Seriously, there are no other words.

My co-host (Pam Fountas) and I were so lucky to spend the day in Kingston with amazingly insightful women who were so board with exploring how food and exercise can make us more rather than simply less (=smaller).

Pam and I R&R


6. Our tiniest attendee at R&R

With her mama, Jessie, little P was working on her squat form here, while listening in to Pam speaking about her journey to positive body image.

Jessie and Piper Squat

7. Ice cream on a Monday

This hit me the other day. My husband and I went for ice cream pretty much as soon as we got back from being out of town, and an a Monday to boot 😉 A few years ago, being away from home would have meant big changes to my nutrition, going “off track”, overeating, etc.

Now, I just eat how I eat how I eat. So, when I get back from traveling there’s no jumping back on the wagon. Because, remember, there is no wagon.

MacKay's ice cream


8. Leisure walking

I spoke with many women about leisure walking over the last week. They wanted to know how fast to walk and is it power walking?

No, it’s not power walking. It’s not fast. It’s strolling speeds and it’s relaaaaxing. This is a snapshot from the road I grew up on, where I strolled last week.

Leisure walk creek


9. Legs UP

That being said, the walks are getting shorter and the legs up the wall time is getting longer.

Feeling more pregnant everyday!

Legs up the treadmill


10. Baby Shower for BMG!

Baby Mundell George had their first party this past weekend – a little get together with friends and family.

Randy and I baby shower (edited)


That’s it for today!



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