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Here’s the truth of it…

Pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood are so challenging and a transformational experience to your WHOLE being.

AND, you (or your clients) deserve to feel like MORE than a shell of your former self.

You refuse to believe that your leaking, pelvic pain, core weakness, and constant low back aches are your new normal because “you’re a mom.”

Beyond that, you want to be reminded of your power and your inherent worthiness – in this exact body size and composition RIGHT NOW.

You’re demanding more for your body & your whole life.

And I’m here to tell you: it’s simpler to achieve than you’ve been told.

I can show you how!

“I had been doing other postpartum workouts, but nothing did what yours did for me. I think you are a genius and I want to share it. Yes, I am totally gushing. It’s changed my world.” Katy, Mom of 3



You are in any trimester of pregnancy and want to do effective and appropriately challenging exercise that is specifically designed to support the body’s changes of pregnancy. You want to keep moving, feel strong, comfortable, and prepare for birth & postpartum.


You have experienced pregnancy or birth within the last 2 years and want to recover, restrengthen, and recondition your body to feel strong and capable. Appropriate for those with diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, and other pelvic health challenges.


You are multiple years to DECADES post-pregnancy and want to get the most out of your workouts. You’re ready to increase your exercise intensity just a little, or a lot! Appropriate for those with core or pelvic floor concerns, through perimenopause and mid-life.


For Exercise Coaches and Health Practitioners who train or treat ANYONE with a pelvic floor (pssst: that’s everyone!). You want to ensure you are coaching with evidence-based, current strategies to get your clients the best results possible.

Here Are Ways To Get Started For Free

For Pre/Postnatal:

Get coached in a full-body & pelvic floor workout.

For Professionals:

Get your clients better pelvic floor function and results.

For All:

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Hey you, I’m Jessie Mundell!

I’m a Fitness Coach and Kinesiologist (BPHE, MHK, P.Kin) specializing in Pre/Postnatal & Pelvic Floor exercise, plus Global Educator to fellow Fitness & Health Professionals.

I am delighted to be a go-to support system for thousands of moms and parents like YOU, who want to boost their strength, pelvic floor function, comfort and body confidence.

And, I teach Exercise & Health Practitioners how to effectively coach perinatal and pelvic health clients because you can POWERFULLY impact how they feel and perform in their bodies!

Importantly, here we believe that bodies and business are political, Black Lives Matter, ALL bodies are valued, and fitness is fat-positive.

I’m Here to Uplift You In Pregnancy, Postpartum & Beyond, Or Your Professional Development!


“I finally feel ready to pick up movement again without the goal of altering my body. I couldn’t think of anyone better to work with than you.”

– Kristen Holm


“Your mentorship had definitely helped me find confidence in taking up more space in the development and growth of my own business.”

– Martine Chiasson


“Your certifications just keep getting better! Still my best decision I have ever made with my career. 10/10 recommend.”

– Caitlin Philips

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The 3B’s: Coaching and Cueing for the Postnatal Fitness Client

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