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Here you’ll find workout programs for prenatal and postnatal exercise, and for improving core and pelvic floor function. 

Plus, you’ll find coaching courses for pros who want to improve their training, treatment, and business skills. 

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If you’re in any stage of pregnancy, postpartum, or parenthood and looking to get physically stronger, or support your core and pelvic floor, check out the exercise programs below. Click through for more details and enrollment info on each one!

[TO PREGNANCY AND BEYOND] 6-Month Workout Plan

NOTE: this is the ONLY program I offer 1:1 and group coaching within. 


TPAB is your COMPLETE fitness plan to build a physically stronger, more mobile body in just 1 hour per week.


You’ll improve your strength and fitness through intentionally built exercise programs that progress you every 4-weeks, specific to your needs in pregnancy, postpartum, or parenthood. 


TPAB is best for folks who want a workout plan that continually progresses their fitness, while having access to expert coaching, accountability, and community support. 


Start in any trimester of pregnancy or anytime postpartum (months, years, or decades).

[CORE + FLOOR RESTORE] A Post-Pregnancy Plan That Gives You Strength

8 Weeks to A Stronger, More Supported Core and Pelvic Floor After Pregnancy or Birth in Just 5 Minutes Per Day. 


You’ll be armed with the postpartum and pelvic health education no one gave you after birth, build a rock solid foundation of full body strength and function, plus be prepared to return to more intense exercise postpartum. 


CFR is best for postpartum people recovering from pregnancy, birth, or loss who want to feel more connected to their body, PLUS sturdier and stronger within it. 


Start anytime from 2+ weeks postpartum, to many YEARS OR DECADES postpartum.

[READY, GET SET] Comprehensive Postpartum Return-to-Running Plan

12 weeks to strong, fast, leak-proof running and sprinting in only two runs per week.


You’ll be able to run with quickness and power, without fear or fussing about your pelvic floor. 


RGS is best for postpartum or parents who want to return to running or sprinting, OR start a run training plan for the very first time!


Start anytime after 6+weeks postpartum, to many YEARS or DECADES postpartum.


If you’re a fitness or health professional looking to improve your pre/postnatal and pelvic health coaching skills, check out the certifications and courses below. If you’re looking to grow your online coaching brand, check out the Coach Collective business mentorship. Click through for more details and enrollment info!

[PRE/POSTNATAL FITNESS SPECIALIST ACADEMY] Online Certification for Fitness and Health Professionals

Safely and effectively coach pregnant, postpartum people, and parents to soaring physical strength, improved core and pelvic floor function, & greater body confidence.

The Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy is for existing (and aspiring) fitness and health practitioners who want to lead moms and parents in their pregnancy and postpartum exercise, plus quest for better core and pelvic health… without causing harm, injury, or disordered eating or exercise habits.

Get certified now.

[COACH COLLECTIVE] 6-Month Business Mentorship: Applications Open November 2024

Coach Collective is a 6-month, 1:1 and group coaching program for trainers and health pros who are ready to sustainably add new clients and revenue to their business with pregnancy, postpartum, and pelvic health focused programs and services. 

It is a hybrid program for beginner to intermediate online service professionals that supports you in designing, marketing, and selling your 1:1 and group based offers. 

By the end of our 6 months together you will be actively running, and improving the efficacy of your email marketing campaigns, social media strategies, developing lead building plans, and selling (out) paid offers. 

Apply below to be considered for this once a year experience. Spots are EXTREMELY limited.

[CORE CONNECTION] 90-Minute Coaching Workshop

This 90-minute workshop will teach you the 3 pillars to coaching your postnatal clients to better abdominal and pelvic floor muscle function in a SINGLE TRAINING SESSION.

It will teach you key Relational, Teaching, and Coaching strategies to confidently address abdominal and pelvic floor muscle strengthening, plus how to reduce symptoms, in your FIRST (or NEXT) session with your postnatal clients.

Upon registration, you’ll get immediate access to the training via video recording AND in private podcast format!

Strategy Session with Jessie: Answers and Guidance


Privately ask questions about your pregnancy or postpartum journey in this 45-minute 1-on-1 coaching call with Jessie


Ask questions about your diastasis recti, pelvic floor concerns, leaking with exercise, POP symptoms, Cesarean recovery, vaginal birth preparation, or your exercise program for pregnancy and postpartum


FOR PRACTITIONERS: get support with your business development, specific client case study questions, or guidance in building your online programming

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The 3B’s: Coaching and Cueing for the Postnatal Fitness Client

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Postnatal Fitness Fast-Track: Volume 2

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