See the best women’s health and fitness articles, blogs, and info from the past week and kick off the new week ahead with some tips to take your health up a notch.

This is a weekly TOP 3 list (that’s it – who has time for more?) where you will see women’s health pro’s highlighted whom I respect and trust. They are experts in fields such as pregnancy, postpartum, conception, exercise, babies, pelvic floor and core, strength training, body image, nutrition, and more!

1). Getting Your Spouse On Board With Healthy Eating

Your spouse doesn’t have to make your goals their own in order to support you. But they do need to understand how they can encourage you and help you as you make changes.”

Getting our spouse’s support can often be harder than the actual healthy changes we are trying to make. Kara Beutel breaks down how to get yours on your side – and even involved – in your lifestyle changes. 

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2). 6 Specific Exercises Every Mother Must Practice After Perineal Tearing 

These anal sphincter muscles need to be retrained as part of your pelvic floor, because the perineal injury can cause them to become lazy or switch off.”

Physiotherapist Heba Shaheed lays out some simple, yet extremely effective, exercises that can help improve your pelvic floor function after birth. 

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3). Can You Safely Prevent A C-Section? 

Recovery from a C-section can be difficult, particularly since this most intense healing time for the mom coincides with caring for a newborn.”

I wrote this article for Girls Gone Strong, as a first-time mom who DID practice specific steps to help prevent a C-section. Not because a C-section is a bad or lesser birth, but simply because it is a major surgery with a not-so-comfy recovery.

Read it here.


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