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I’ve been keeping it close for a little while now. I’m 18+ weeks along, so babe is due around the end of July. I’m not taking the due date too seriously, though!

If you’ve been wondering what happened to all my wine pics and posts…this is what’s been happening 😉

It’s been such an interesting experience so far. I’m really looking forward to sharing with you what’s been happening with exercise and food in my life since early in this pregnancy.

There have been definitely been some changes and interesting things I’ve noticed on the workout, nutrition, and mindset front. We’ll dive into all this a bunch more.

The experience of many 

It’s really interesting for me to live this myself now, as I’ve been incredibly lucky to be alongside so many women in their own pregnancies, postpartum, and mama-hood times.

And, seriously, THANK GOODNESS!

What I have learned from them is invaluable. It feels like I’ve been studying and preparing for this, physically AND mentally, for years now, ha!

Trying to sift through the boatloads of pregnancy and postpartum information your health providers throw at you, can be entirely overwhelming…and then when it comes to the exercise front?


I have to say, I’m really just trusting my instincts and my body so far. I am simply controlling what I can control, continuing to learn and educate myself, and doing the best I can to care for my body. There’s no hard and fast expectations.

What I can control is my self-care now, and for the duration of this pregnancy, and for my postpartum phase.

You better believe I have my #coreandfloor restore plan, pelvic floor physiotherapist, Naturopathic Doc, chiropractor, and visceral massage gal lined up at the ready 😉

Access to the BEST information

More than ever, it’s really hit me that we NEED and deserve access to the best information and advice during this time in our lives.

From my experience in working with my clients, and even from some of the things I’ve been told from my own health providers so far (whom I trust to do THEIR specific job), that simply isn’t happening.

Just one snapshot of this: during appointments with my doc and my midwives, in reviewing my blood work I was told by both that my TSH was in normal range, so my thyroid health was perfect.

…Whaaaaat? Luckily, I know this is SO far from the whole story of my thyroid health, but what about for all the women who don’t and are fully trusting this advice?

More than ever, I can see that women in pregnancy and after-baby are NOT being told the whole story of what is happening IN their bodies. This isn’t good enough for me.


Because we deserve useful, practical, and effective exercise + nutrition + lifestyle + hormonal education in pregnancy and postpartum, I want to help you where I can.

This is why I do what I do.

Myself, plus my friends and women’s health colleagues Shira Nelson (Mom Beyond Baby) and Dr. Brooke Kalanick (Better by Dr. Brooke) are doing the absolute best we can to get this information to you, ladies.

We’ll shout it from the rooftops if we have to 😉

What we ARE doing is taking action now, to bring this information to you.

We are hosting an exclusive weekend event FOR moms and moms-to-be, BY moms and moms-to-be (I get to include myself in this category now!).

You get an all access pass to us for an entire weekend. We’ll learn together, share meals, walks and workouts, and have tons of education and action planning sessions for you.

Under any other circumstances we would definitely have a glass of wine together…but, you can have one on me!

We want you to leave StrongSmartMama 2015 feeling confident in your body and in your plan for making your relationship with your body feel easier.

NOTE: we can only take 30 mama’s this year! Spots are extremely limited, as we want to be able to get to know each of you and address each of your struggles.

The early bird rate is now available, but only until this Sunday, March 1st.

Registration and more details can be found HERE!




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