Say hello to Jillian! Jillian is part of the To Pregnancy & Beyond tribe. She’s also one of my most favourite humans ever. 

She’s a mom of 2. So funny. Super easy to talk to. Gives great advice – the kind that you always need to hear. And, is a rad mom.

I’ll let her tell you the rest… 

Tell us a little about yourself. 

My name is Jillian Welsh, I am a mom of 2; George is 3 and Sandra turns 1 in March.

Jillian, George, Sandra

Jillian with George and Sandra. 

I live in Leduc, AB, but I am originally from London, Ontario. I love cooking, eating, coffee, glute-building workouts, and getting to know other moms.

My kids and I love doing crafts, building with lego, and playing outside.

How did you become part of TP&B? How did you find the tribe?

I have known Jessie for about 3 years. I was about 8 months post partum with my first and needed some serious help! I had just trained for and run a 10k.

And nothing felt right. I found her online, and contacted her right away.

We met at a Starbucks, (she didn’t want a coffee so I was a little skeptical, LOL), I told her all about the stuff that didn’t feel good. I don’t remember everything we talked about, because we really hit it off.

Best first date I’ve ever had! But, I do remember two things I said to her…

“I feel like there’s a disconnection between my abs and the rest of my body.”

“I used to have this amazing butt! And now it’s gone!”

Not only did she know exactly what I was talking about, she knew what to do about it. We worked together in person a little (when were in the same city), mostly online, and she has been my coach ever since.

Why did you want to join TP&B?

HA! My first instinct is: because I will follow Jessie anywhere! I was already familiar with Jessie’s program and adding a community of women, how could I resist?

It was also more affordable then the 1-on-1 training we had been doing, which was perfect since we had just bought a new house and had a second baby.

What is your workout schedule like, and where do you workout?

I like to get some kind of movement in every day; whether it is a walk, some yoga (my fave) or a TP&B strength workout.

My schedule changes every week, but ideally I would do 3 strength workouts in a week, and yoga or walking the rest of the days.

Right now, I work out at home, first thing in the morning, because that’s what works best for my kids and I. I sometimes go to my local rec centre, but my kids kept getting sick from all the germs at the childcare (yuck!) and so we are taking a break from that for a while.

Plus, no gym fees and I can exercise in my undies!

Jillian Squat Form

Jillian doing one of her strength workouts at home. 

Why do you exercise?

I love feeling strong, I love feeling the capability of my body. My workout is also my “me” time. It’s all about me. I get lost in the movement.

I also love the feeling of having a non-children related activity to do and get done during the day.

What is favourite TP&B exercise and why?

Definitely any and all variations of glute bridges! Lately I have been really loving the Bulgarian split squat for a booty burn!

What I really love is the way the workouts go together to work the whole body. It has happened more than once since having kids that I have only managed one strength workout in a week, and it is really nice to know that one workout was effective.

What have you learned about nutrition, that you didn’t know before joining TP&B?

This is a big one for me. I used to have major issues with food. I have learned to just listen to my body, eat what makes tastes good and makes me feel good.

Get the fibre, fat and protein, eat the food and move on. If I don’t feel good after, eat something different next time. I hear Jessie saying “eat like a toddler” every time I open my fridge!

What is your favourite “nutrient-dense” food, and what is your favourite “treat-like” food?

This is tough for me, I love all the food. Eating is the best!

But I would say my favourite healthy food is definitely soup. I love to make homemade soup, usually veggie puree style, but I like to mix it up and try new recipes. I make big batches and freeze in portions, which has made my life so much easier since having a second kid!

My favourite “sometimes” food is definitely peanut butter chocolate cookies. Actually peanut butter and chocolate anything!

What have you gained from TP&B?

When I first started working with Jessie, I had done so much damage to my core and floor, I never thought I would feel like myself again.

Not only have I rehabbed all the damage I did, I am stronger than I was before I had kids.

I went through a second pregnancy and postpartum with TP&B and my body was strong, ready for labour, and eased into recovery with the core and floor program.

I have so much respect for my body, for its recovery time, and for the amazing things it can do. This allows to accept and love the changes my body has made and will continue to make, it’s all beautiful and it’s all good.

Jillian bathroom selfie

Mama Jilly!

What is the best part of being in the TP&B community?

This one is so easy to answer, it is the community itself! The women in the TP&B community are a wealth of knowledge.

Each one of us has had a unique experience with pregnancy, post partum and exercise in general. The support inside the group is incredible, all questions are welcome, all motivation is appreciated.

I feel like all these women are friends, my workout buddies, and my “mommy group” all rolled into one.

You can see more mom-inspiring goodness from Jillian on her Instagram profile and her website.

Thanks for sharing your story, Jillian! Big hugs + love, xo. 


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