[Welcome back to the blog my sister, Nicki! As always, Nicki is here to serve up (pun intended) some fab suggestions for all things food related. A frequent question I get from people is, “How do I get my partner/kids on board with my new healthier eating habits?”. Below, Nicki has 5 common dinner ideas that are might be staples in your house. She gives you ideas on how to cook for your tastes and the pickier eaters in your house too, without becoming a short order cook!]

If you’re hanging out in a “dinner for two” kind of household and you’re not a duplicate of your housemate (it’s fun not to be!), eating meals together might get tricky and you could find yourself struggling to connect in the kitchen.

Main squeeze and I used to eat exactly the same meal. Then over time as health consciousness set in and tastes changed, we started to stray to totally separate dishes – food groups, times, etc.

I actually don’t think this has to be a negative thing. I’m a major advocate for eating with love and choice (1st world luxury, I know). Life’s too short to eat forcefully and without enjoyment. Right?

But, if you’re seeking some shared interests or less of a “Great, now we have 5 skillets to wash instead of 1!” kind of vibe come meal time, why not meet in the middle sometimes?

Here’s a taste of 5 sample meals that can be shared, all with a major ingredient(s) in common but with alternate suggestions from the traditional:

  1. Tacos/Fajitas: Common Ingredients – Meat (ground beef, turkey, steak or chicken) & Toppings (veggies, cheese, salsa).
  • Traditional – Taco shell or tortilla wrap, sour cream to top.
  • Alternative – Lettuce leaves, plain greek yogurt to top.
  1. Spaghetti: Common Ingredient – Tomato Sauce (with meat, veggies, seasonings).
  • Traditional – Pasta noodles.
  • Alternative – Spaghetti squash.
  1. Wraps: Common Ingredients – Meat (chicken, shrimp, beef, pork), Veggies, Cheese, Dressing to top.
  • Traditional – Tortilla wrap, topped with mayo or a creamy dressing.
  • Alternative – Rice paper wrap, topped with avocado and/or hummus.
  1. Pizza: Common Ingredients – Toppings (meat, veggies, cheese, sauce).
  • Traditional – Dough crust.
  • Alternative – Cauliflower crust (head here for the recipe!).
  1. Burgers: Common Ingredients – Meat (beef, chicken, turkey, etc.), Cheese, Veggies.
  • Traditional – Bun, condiments.
  • Alternative – No bun (keep the condiments), wrap in lettuce, or layer on a salad (skip traditional condiments add vinaigrette dressing).

You nailed it (I’m sure you caught on) – all the traditional items are wheat/grain based.

If you’re like me, you love a hearty panini or slice of pizza from Domino’s, but sometimes we’re just looking for variations on those favourite meals we crave – an alternative from those traditional big servings of wheat/grain based foods that can sometimes cause crummy, lethargic, bloated feelings.

Unless you live with someone who won’t eat anything but hotdogs & french fries 7 nights a week and has a vegetable phobia, I suspect after a while you’ll begin to synch up meals with your housemate more often than not – that’s personal experience talking!

From finger foods to 5 course meals or even fondue parties, some of life’s most entertaining & memorable moments happen when gathering your friends/family together to just enjoy good food & great company.

Bon Appetit!







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