This is such a proud moment for me today. To kick off my online training program launch next week, I have a special guest interview.

I’m beyond thrilled to be featuring my first Client Spotlight Story, as my very own sister, Nicki Mundell. Words alone are not enough to express how happy it makes me to see how physical activity and whole foods have completely changed her life. Her journey has not been easy and not without hard work. On the contrary, she has literally worked her a$$ off to get where she is. The most incredible part? She lives a full life and is by no means a slave to the gym or her nutrition program. She has developed the skills to make this a healthy, active LIFESTYLE.

Nicki just completed an 8-week online training program through my online company, JMG Fitness Consulting. She has previous experience with training, but this was her first online program. The results were outstanding. Nicki knows firsthand the immense benefits of strength and interval training, combined with a lifestyle of eating whole foods (+ treats). All of this that I tell you is just from my viewpoint looking in, so I needed to get hers.

Here’s Nicki’s story.

nicki and jessie ceremony

Name: Nicki Mundell

Age: 27

Why do you prioritize exercise and clean eating? Feeling strong is mega-empowering, and seeing physical results is a crazy motivator. It’s taken me awhile, but I now get that food is fuel, so I thrive in knowing what I’m putting into my body is going to help me achieve my health goals. I also think I have a slight food addiction, so if it’s clean (sometimes not!) & super delicious – count me in.

How long have you been training for? 5 years

Favourite lift/exercise/workout? Fav lift – clean & press; exercise – planks, dips & compound moves; workout – strength mixed with a dash of metabolic. (Note from Jessie: Sound familiar?).

Most memorable part of your fit-journey, so far? I have 2: 1) When I reached the point of losing 45 lbs since beginning my training journey & 2) seeing physical changes in my tri’s & my “2pack”!

Jessie and Nicki Wedding

Favourite “sometimes” food(s)? I get happy over pizza, Reese’s cups, nachos & hearty sandwiches. Are we counting red wine as a “sometimes food”? (Note from Jessie: That’s an all-the-time food, IMO).

What inspires and motivates you to keep on this journey? Knowing there’s more I could accomplish. 5 yrs of hard work has proven change is completely possible, so I know there are avenues I can still explore. I want to live a life I’m proud of and taking care of my health is a way I can ensure that happens. I also just really love experimenting with fashion, so feeling confident in my wardrobe is my kinda party!

What’s your next training goal? Mastering chin-ups. I recently pulled off my first couple chins, so I’ve got the itch to improve them. Talk about feeling like a beast. (Note from Jessie: Are you kidding me?! I’m dying with pride here).

What has lifting weights taught you? Not to be scared to lift heavy & to keep setting goals for myself. I used to think I would have to take up running in order to achieve the physical goals I had in mind – but lifting weights has squashed that assumption/my initial goals. I wouldn’t be where I am today without weight training.


What would you say to other women who might be nervous about getting into weight training? Weight-training is for EVERYONE. No matter your starting point. You will feel bad-ass after you hit a new PB with weights, or once you start to experience changes in your bod. You can’t listen to the “you’ll bulk up” crap – you’re gonna look smokin’ hot is what’s gonna happen. (Note from Jessie: You go girl! :))

What is one thing Jessie has taught you that stands out the most? FORM. I wasn’t as strict with this before I started training with Jessie – now it’s always on my mind when I train. If my form is off, I make adjustments to my weights or I know it’s time to cap the reps. (Note from Jessie: This is the truth. I’m a wee bit of a form Nazi).

Dear lord. Brings tears to my eyes 😉 (But seriously, pass the tissue). Nicki is a real life, no bullshit, honest truth story. If you’re struggling to get on the right path, do yourself a favour and allow her to be your inspiration. There’s no one better.

If you’re struggling to get on or stay on the right path, ask for help. My coaching programs are truly here to help you. All four of my program levels are launching this week. Take action, decide on the best option for your life and begin now. You can be on your way to freedom from body worries faster than you think possible.


Ps. Email me at to apply for your own strategy session today, and to be apart of my coaching program.

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