Please let me introduce to you one of my most favourite gals, Kim Watt.

Kim is real. A busy woman who doesn’t have hours to play around in the gym. She primarily works out at home and trains 3-4 days per week. Kim is a wicked cool mom, wife, friend and SO receptive to coaching. I’ve seen an amazing transformation in Kim over the last year or so that I’m lucky to have been able to be apart of.  Best part? I’m not just talking about physical changes (but let me tell you, girl is looking FIT), but real mindset shifts as well. Here’s Kim’s story:

Kim in Hawaii

Client Spotlight Story: Kim Watt

Name: Kim Watt

Age: 40

Why do you prioritize exercise?  Because I believe that when you feel good you look good.  I have more energy to play with my son and that matters most to me.  I was also diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (a common female endocrine disorder) and I have to work a little harder than most to stay fit and healthy.

How long have you been training for? On and off for 20 years and then since I met Jessie, steadily over the past year.  She has definitely motivated me more long term with training and eating habits instead of quick fixes and forgettable workouts.

Favourite lift/exercise/workout?  I like lifting with my arms because I like looking at my arms.  Pretty narcissistic, but there’s something about looking strong that appeals to me. (Note from Jessie: So much love for this. We shouldn’t be afraid to say we love how our body parts are looking).

Most memorable part of your fit-journey, so far?  Sliding on my J. Crew shorts that were always too snug around my thighs and having them hardly graze my skin.

Favourite “sometimes” food(s)?  Sweet, salty, sometimes sweet AND salty… and ICE CREAM.  I love chocolate, chips and beer.  All foods I know I can have in moderation.  I love how Jessie is so real about eating.

What inspires and motivates you to keep on this journey?  My son.  He is by far the most important person in my life and I need to be fit and healthy so I can be a great mom for as long as possible.  Second is looking good for my husband.  Third is making Jessie proud. (*cue Jessie tearing up*)

Kim and Parker snow 2Kim, Shane beach

What’s your next training goal?  My first training goal was to feel better in my clothing.  Just to drop a few pounds after I had my son, possibly to have sculpted arms like Madonna.  But now I want to learn to maintain my training as a lifestyle instead of dropping off the radar after I hit my goal.

What has lifting weights taught you?  To stop worrying that I’m not a runner!!  I always thought I had to run to lose weight and Jessie has proven that lifting weights is a better path to achieving my goals.  Does anyone want to buy a treadmill 😉

What would you say to other women who might be nervous about getting into weight training?  Lifting weights does not make you “bulk up” and was definitely the first and fastest step for me to see results.  Its also not as hard as it sounds!

What is one thing Jessie has taught you that stands out the most?  Jessie is all about keeping a solid core.  She told me that the first day I met her and she tells me every time I see her.  Also, I need to eat breakfast.  She often asks me what I’ve eaten that day and cringes when I tell her Cheez Whiz, hotdogs and white bread.  I’ll get there Jessie. (Note from Jessie: You’re already THERE :)).

Kim, Parker, Shane

There she is, ladies and gentlemen. I didn’t even force her to write the running/treadmill bit, but you know I loved it. True success story of the journey really being the destination itself. Thank you, Kim, for allowing your story to inspire.


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