The appropriate intensity level for a postpartum mama is very situational and will always depend on the individual.

There are many factors that play into a person’s readiness for intense exercise, and just how much intensity their body (and mind) can handle safely.  When we consider all of these factors together, we are able to determine the best path for our clients to get the workout they want without causing injury or over-stressing their body.

Press play below to see my guidelines for determining what your clients are ready for.

If you are a fitness or health professional working with moms, a tool to include in your practice is assessing for Diastasis Recti postpartum.

This simple assessment will give you and your clients key information on their core and pelvic health – necessary for moms to understand about their postpartum recovery and long-term health.

Get your FREE copy of the Diastasis Recti Assessment Guide here.


[5 Days To Becoming a Postnatal Fitness Specialist] Day 2: The Sweet Spot for Appropriate Exercise Intensity Postpartum


[0-3 minutes] Introduction.

[3-4 minutes] Guideline #1: Hormonal health.

[4-5 minutes] Guideline #2: Physical function.

[5-6 minutes] Guideline #3: Mental and emotional health.

[6-9 minutes] Guideline #4: Strength and fitness for their life.

[9-11 minutes] Guideline #5: Client’s experience of their exercise program.

[11-14 minutes] Questions & Wrap-up

Ps. Remember to get your free Diastasis Recti Assessment Guide to start using with your mama clients (or yourself!) immediately, so you can best design postpartum workouts and treatment plans.

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