Diastasis Recti:

A FREE Guide To Accurately Assessing Your Postnatal Clients

This if for you if you are: a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, physical therapist, chiropractor, midwife, doula, pregnant or a mom. 

The Diastasis Assessment Guide is a simple tool to use with your clients or patients to help give them KEY information post-pregnancy on the function of their abdominal wall.

INCLUDED in your free guide: 

  • Education on what Diastasis Recti IS and what it is NOT
  • Video tutorial walking you through how to assess for diastasis recti
  • Step-by-step guidelines for each stage of the assessment
  • Diastasis recti assessment tracker you can use with your clients immediately
  • BONUS VIDEO! Information from a pelvic health physical therapist on exercise with diastasis recti.

Use this assessment tool with your postpartum clients, regardless of whether they are just weeks or many years postpartum, to ensure their bodies are kept safe and supported. 

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