How to Respond When a Client or Patient Has Symptoms

by Oct 15, 2020

It can feel kind of terrible when a client or patient tells you that the exercise or the movement you’ve prescribed for them is making them feel worse.  

That they started leaking again now that they are doing X, Y, & Z.  

That they feel their prolapse bulging in this movement, or this exercise is ramping up their pain.  

It can feel like a blow can’t it?  

What I want us to do instead of feeling anxious and fearful in those moments when the client tells us that this isn’t working for them, is take a breath, is to ground and center ourselves first.  


To remind ourselves that this isn’t because we’re a bad coach or we did something terrible that led to these symptoms. I want us to reframe this as good information. And that’s what I want you to say to that client or patient. 

“Thank you for telling me! That is such important information for me to have and now we can troubleshoot and modify and adjust the strategy that we’re using.  

We’re not going to scrap the exercise. We’re instead going to see if we can do this thing to help you feel better there because I trust that we can make this work for you. I know that this is an important exercise or movement that you want to keep doing.

So, let’s test a whole bunch of things and we’ll see if we can do this in a way that actually feels really good for you.

Instead of projecting your own stuff onto them, let’s just take a minute, take a breath and then move forward because what I do know is that we often can find a way, we can find the modification. 

We can find that strategy adjustment and make it better without throwing everything out the window that we were trying to do with them. 

So start with your own self first, in your own anxiety, and then thank them for the information and move forward from there. 




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