How Stephanie Healed Pelvic Floor Prolapse so She Could Start Running Again

by Mar 2, 2020

Stephanie had pelvic organ prolapse and stress incontinence after birthing her baby. 

Something that is so common, but most people don’t know that it’s a likely outcome of birthing a 5-10 pound baby.

If you haven’t heard about prolapse, it can be accompanied by a feeling of bulgy-ness in your pelvic floor and, for some, can lead to avoiding regular activities because of the accompanying symptoms.

Stephanie’s plan postpartum was to begin with gentle movements that would help her restore her pelvic floor to its previous strength, starting with just 8-10 minutes at a time.

“I loved the logic behind how the workouts were organized based on the stage of pregnancy I was in. Jessie gives you custom advice so you can get a body that supports the life that you have.”

Through the program Stephanie:

  • Was comforted to know that prolapse and incontinence are really common and that nothing was wrong with her body, it was just in need of a bit of TLC
  • Learned the simple exercises she could do in just a few minutes a day to put her body on-track to healing
  • Was able to make the mind-body connection and engage the muscles in her pelvic floor

Since going through her postnatal program, Stephanie has gone back to running, lifting and the other activities she loves without worrying about peeing in her gym clothes. 

And the thing that struck Stephanie the most was how surprised she was by the postnatal journey of healing.

“Post-pregnancy is the ‘fourth trimester’ nobody told you about.”

It’s literally the missing chapter in every “how to prepare for baby” book that was ever written. But you’ve now got the modern game plan in front of you right now.

So whether you have prolapse, incontinence or any of the other myriad of aches, pains and issues that need rehab, there is a plan for you.

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Your coach,


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