How Marisa Rehabbed Her Post-Baby Body With a Custom Plan 

by Mar 2, 2020

Marisa used to think that postpartum was just about weight loss.

This isn’t an uncommon belief in many moms who are bombarded by doctors, friends and fitness professionals who are obsessed with the “snapback.”

And look, not only is that B.S. annoying, but it’s actually destructive. It’s what makes moms rush back to punishing workouts and calorie restriction diets that can prolong their healing and cause pain.

It wasn’t until after experiencing her own severe pelvic pain that Marisa realized that healing post-baby was about so much more than dropping weight.

“I had so many aches and pains. Getting up and moving around hurt. Sitting down at my desk for a long time hurt. And forget carrying groceries, I’d be in pain for three days when I did that.”

Marisa’s story isn’t uncommon. Most women will leave the hospital with ongoing, underlying issues of some sort that will otherwise go untreated. 

(I mean think about our moms, aunts, and grandmas who just went the rest of their lives making-do through the pain.) 

But with 60-hour workweeks, and a few kiddos already running around. Marisa didn’t have time to go to the gym every day. She needed a solution that would fit into her schedule and deliver REAL results.

So Marisa was given a customized postnatal plan that was adjusted every 4 weeks to fit her needs and schedule. 

“What I love about it is I can do it at home. It’s short. And even on days where I only get half a workout in, I know I’m making progress I now feel so much stronger and more capable in my body.”

And look, Marisa will tell you herself that she’s not a marathon runner, but with the video library that walks you through every exercise, your custom plan will work even if you’re a beginner at this whole fitness thing.

Because your fitness and health are sooo much more than just dropping the pounds, it’s about feeling strong, too.

Get the Custom Plan To Fit Your Unique Situation and Your Phase of Pre or Post Pregnancy So You Can Feel Capable in Your Body

Your coach,


P.S. Marisa is one of our most active members in the online community. She is always cheering people on and she’s just one of the womxn who make the online community what it is…I’m excited for you to meet her.

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