How Chrissy Felt Empowered to Find a Better Doctor

by Mar 2, 2020

Chrissy will tell you that her first pregnancy was awful. 

Told she had placenta previa, a high-risk complication, Chrissy had been put on bed rest at 18-20 weeks.

At the time, Chrissy didn’t really have a community that was supporting her and (unbeknownst to her), her primary care doctor was on the “fear-mongering” side, making it difficult for her to feel safe or empowered in her pregnancy.

All of this added up to an isolating experience. 

Weeks after giving birth, Chrissy joined To Pregnancy and Beyond and was invited immediately into the support system she had originally been missing.

Chrissy used gentle exercises that she could do on a yoga mat in 5-minute spurts while her little one napped in her swing. 

These movements focused on restoring her core and her pelvic floor so that she could graduate back to running and more vigorous exercise that she was used to pre-baby.

And because Chrissy had been soaking up all the knowledge and confidence from the group during her first pregnancy’s recovery, she was a whole new woman when she got pregnant with her second.

She felt confident enough to find a new doctor now that she knew that her experience was not the norm and not her only option.

“The community empowered me to find a doctor for my second pregnancy that was a much better fit. I was able to make informed, conscious choices because I realized now that my first doctor’s approach wasn’t the norm.”

And maybe the best part? Chrissy’s second pregnancy was a MUCH better experience.

“My second pregnancy was drastically different. I was able to be active all the way through and used the program. I actually LIKED being pregnant.”

Stories like this remind me of my mission because too many of us find ourselves as passive participants in our own pregnancies because we just don’t have the information to ask for a better solution.

This isolation can result in working with health care practitioners that aren’t a good fit, but also the detrimental effects of carrying the load of pregnancy and motherhood alone. 

4 years later, Chrissy is still an active member of our community and describes it as “the best place on the internet.”

We talk about all things #momlife. Teething, breastfeeding, pee-sneezing (and how to make that stop), toddler tantrums, boundaries with in-laws, husbands and their crazy ways… basically everything.

So no matter where you live, you have a #squatsquad supporting you.

“I live in a tiny, super-conservative community and I can have conversations in the online group that I can’t have with the people around me in my real-life. It means so much that I have a community that always has my back.”

I share Chrissy’s story with you for a few reasons. The first is that parts of her experience might resonate with you.

If you’ve had a hard pregnancy in the past, or if you’re preparing for your first little kiddo and want to do everything you can to thrive (and not just survive), then To Pregnancy and Beyond might be a good choice for you.

And if you join before March 5th, you will get a custom consultation with me (limited time offer and a value of $150).

This is where I will personally review any past experiences in pregnancy or postpartum and assign you a program based on your unique situation. We’ll go over everything from your current fitness level to your goals, and the equipment that is readily available to you.

Join To Pregnancy and Beyond and Get a Custom Consultation Call with Me (a $150 Value and Limited Time Offer)

Because look, pregnancy and postpartum do not need to be isolating, or confusing. You deserve support during one of the BIGGEST transitions of your life.

Get the Support You Need to Have a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy and Postnatal Experience…

I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to support you.


P.S. A quick note that I trust doctors are doing their best to help the womxn they care for, but YOU have a right to find a doctor who has the same values and approach that you do. This is your pregnancy after all.

Your opportunity to join To Pregnancy and Beyond is here!

The comprehensive approach for pregnant and postpartum people who want to feel emotionally, physically, and mentally in their power to thrive (and not just survive) with their pregnancy and postnatal journeys.

And when you join by Thursday, March 5th, EV-ER-Y-ONE gets a private coaching call with me (a $150 value, for free!). YES, serious. I’ve never done this.

To Pregnancy and Beyond is perfect for you if you want to:

1). Feel strong during your pregnancy and prepare for a healthy (for YOU and baby) birth.

2). Be empowered to understand what is happening in your body from an advocate who is in your corner.

3). Feel supported as a whole person whether this is your first, second, or third baby or whether you’re done having kids and just want help with the mental load of raising them.

4). Have short, well-designed workouts customized to you, that you can do at home or in the gym – regardless of your fitness level.

I’m waiting on the other side and SO excited to meet you.

Join us in To Pregnancy and Beyond

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