Second Pregnancy Exercise

by | May 10, 2018


I am currently 33 weeks into this second pregnancy. I wanted to give you an update on what my exercise has looked like through this pregnancy, thus far!

Same, but Different 

The way I am exercising through this pregnancy has been extremely similar to how I exercised in my first pregnancy, with some stand-out differences, too.

The biggest difference? I am doing less structured exercise and movement this time around.

In my first pregnancy a few years ago, I consistently did 3 strength training workouts per week. The make-up of the workouts was very much in line with what I am doing now. I have followed my own To Pregnancy & Beyond programming in both pregnancies. These workouts have been updated, but the basic structure and most exercises remain the same.

This time I am strength training 2 times per week. This feels great and like it’s enough. I have added 1-2, stand-alone, mini glute strengthening circuits into my weekly routine because they help me really supported through my trunk and pelvis, and the focused work feels nice mentally.

I don’t have the mental or physical energy to do 3 full strength training workouts a week this time, whereas last time that felt like my sweet spot.

In my first pregnancy, I walked a ton. At least 45-60 minutes per day. We lived in the city at the time, so I would take daily walks just to walk, walk to go do errands, walk to get take-out (SO MUCH TAKE-OUT), etc.

This time, we live in the suburbs. The majority of the walking I do is to the park and back, convincing the 2-year old to please for the love of all things good stay in the stroller so I don’t have to carry her, or chase her away from the road. LOL.

As the weather has warmed up this spring, I have taken a few walks alone and those have been dreamy. More so for my mental health, rather than considering the physical benefits of them.

In my first pregnancy I was more active, in a structured way, BUT I could rest more. The daily nap was a thing.

Now? Um, no. Sometimes I fall asleep on the living room floor with a toddler climbing on and around me. That’s the level of tired I feel. Ha.

I am doing what I can to protect and manage my energy this time. I rest whenever possible, but time alone to rest while not working, is few and far between.

3 Priorities for Physical Activity 

I have been prioritizing 3 main categories of physical activity in this second pregnancy.

1). Movement and Mobility 

2). Glute Circuits

3). Strength Training

Below, I give you more info on what I’ve been doing for each and video examples of what each looks like.

Movement and Mobility

I have been focusing more on generally moving my body through different ranges of motion, and often, through this pregnancy. Trying my best to keep comfortable and move with as much ease, as possible.

I do this daily. Nothing specific, no particular routine. Simply moving through stretches, breathing, squatting, hinging, doing whatever feels good on my body.

I spend 3-5 minutes per day, often during bath-time, or hopping down on the floor whenever I can to make this happen.

Glute Circuits

I love glute circuits as a way to fit a bit more strength training into my week. The big bonuses for me are that they are quick to complete (5-10 minutes max), I don’t have to change my clothes (I mean, I never do for workouts…ha), they require very little equipment, and they don’t take much mental energy.

Plus, you get to lie on the floor a lot. Obviously, I’m into this. 

I have been doing 1-2 of these mini circuits per week. The glute circuits I’ve been doing are found in my To Pregnancy & Beyond program, or ones that I have been throwing together at the time.

Below are a couple example of what these circuits looks like.


Strength Training

I’ve been doing 2 full-body strength training sessions per week, from my To Pregnancy & Beyond program. These sessions are typically done working with dumbbells, resistance bands, mini bands, and a bench.

It’s important to me that the set-up and execution of the workout feels SIMPLE. The least amount of barriers possible.

  • I keep the equipment demands low
  • I don’t want to sweat a ton
  • I want to feel successful during the workouts
  • I want to feel challenged, but not overwhelmed in any way about the intensity of it
  • I want the workout to always help me feel better

Below are a few examples of what my strength training workouts have looked like through the trimesters.



“How do you stay motivated to workout?”

I’m often asked how I stay motivated to workout. Through pregnancy. With a toddler. A business. Nausea. Fatigue.

It’s not that I’m motivated to workout. It’s that I’m motivated to feel ok. To feel better. The workouts are a vehicle to take me there, that I’m fortunate to be able to utilize.

I don’t wait for the time to be right. I don’t wait for the energy. I don’t wait to feel like I want to move my body. I’ve learned that those things might never come along, for me.

Again, I keep the movement routine extremely simple and manageable. If I stray from it, it’s totally fine. But, mostly, it helps me to feel comfortable in my body through pregnancy, so the priority is high.




If you want a sample of the strength training workouts I’ve been doing in this pregnancy, can click the button below to be sent 2, FREE full-body sessions. 

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