Diastasis Recti: Modify Over Omit

by Feb 14, 2018


This is an essential part of the discussion in prenatal and postnatal fitness coaching and training. I want to show you a practical example of why.

In my workout yesterday, I was practicing hanging off our chin-up bar. I got my husband to take a pic of me in that position so I could see what was happening with my body.

Photo on the LEFT:

I’m thrusty through my ribcage and you can (hopefully!) see my diastasis doming above my belly button. Not a disaster, but also not ideal for me to keep training my pregnant body in this position.

Photo on the RIGHT:

I adjusted! I focused on dropping the ribcage down, exhaling as I gripped the bar and started my hang. And, did a more effective Core + Floor Connection. My connective tissue stayed taut.

This is why one of my mantras in my coaching is “modify over omit”. It would be easy to think I should never do this movement for the rest of pregnancy, but when I tweak my technique and strategy, everything changes.

I will continue to train this movement with my adjusted ‘strategy’, with very short reps so that I can ensure I can keep managing my intraabdominal pressure well.

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