Leaking during high impact exercise? Consider this!

by Apr 19, 2018

Why might you start leaking urine in exercise all of a sudden? With exercises you’ve done before without symptom? You’re doing the same number of reps, the same number of sets…and yet, pelvic health symptoms are now creeping in.

You’re trying all the things to adjust and modify. Tweaking your alignment. Ensuring you’re still breathing. Not holding tension in your belly or your pelvic floor constantly.

There tends to be a missing link in this conversation.

YOUR LIFE! When these scenarios happen for my clients, this is what we’re diving into. What else is happening in your world? Your work? Your sleep? Your stress management? Your menstrual cycle?

All of this can play big roles in how your body responds to loads.



My 10-week, online course called, the Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy, is currently open for registration until Tuesday, April 23rd. 


This program is for current and aspiring fitness and health professionals (and enthusiasts) who want to help moms return to effective exercise post-pregnancy, recover from C-section and vaginal births, treat core and pelvic floor dysfunction, and support them in motherhood.


The next class will not open until Fall 2019.

In the video below I talk through – through a toddler begging for Paw Patrol (LOL) – what you might need to consider for your whole health, if you’re experiencing pelvic health symptoms in exercise, or your life.





If you are a personal trainer, fitness instructor, or health professional that works, or wants to work with moms, you are working with postnatal populations.

Upgrade your coaching skills and strategies by becoming a Certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist in my 10-week online course that will educate you on diastasis recti, the pelvic floor, postpartum mental health, body image, strength training, exercise programming and more!

Registration is open now through Tuesday. April 23rd. The program will again close for at least 6 months.


Jessie Mundell is mama-in-chief at JessieMundell.com, where she’s helped hundreds of moms feel strong, confident, and EMPOWERED in their bodies with fitness programs tailored to their prenatal and postnatal needs.

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