Erin Brown, a fellow Girls Gone Strong Advisory Board Member and mom, refers to self-care as taking exceptionally good care of yourself and encourages people to do ‘Queen Shit’ in order to do so.

I love this.

My definition of self-care and Queen Shit has changed remarkably since having my daughter 15 months ago. That’s normal and totally fine.

I’m a full-time stay at home mom, I own a business, my husband is a shift-worker, and we have no family within 3500+km.

So, you could say that my definition of self-care HAD to change since becoming a mom.

For me, self-care doesn’t look like taking a lot of time to myself. It doesn’t look like going to the gym a few times per week. It doesn’t look like spa days.

By all means, do that stuff if you can! I just wanted you to know that my life doesn’t work like that right now, in case you were wondering if you were the only one 😉

Let me tell you what self-care (aka. taking care of myself) looks like in my world today:


Remember, take the expectations of what you think self-care should look like based on what you see others (or me!) doing and drop them.

What truly feels good for YOU?