It’s been a little while since a check-in, so here’s what I’ve been up to lately!

1. Wedding! This is a photo from my friend Amanda’s wedding back in October. They hosted us in Arizona and it was beautiful. How cute is she? 🙂

Amanda and I BW

2. Effective pre/postnatal exercise. I coach two group classes for women in Calgary, and these were my Monday night gals this week. Stacked alignment, ribs over hips, core working as a unit, strength training = beautiful.

Pre:Post 1:2 Kneeling OH Press

3. The best (gluten-free), packaged cookies 😉 Listen, the advice to “don’t eat foods that come in a package” is well-intentioned, but not always realistic. I like cookies but I don’t want to bake a whole batch all the time. These from WOW Baking Company are delish.

WOW Cookie

4. I’ve been on the treadmill! What?! Yes. With the cooler weather, my outdoor walking time has decreased significantly. I’ve taken to doing some incline walking intervals on the treadmill at the end of a few workouts and I’m enjoying it.

Incline Treadmill Walk

5. One pot dish. One of my favourite meals is curry because it spices up meat and veggies, and mostly, because you can make it fully in one pot. The best. I don’t often use rice, but just like it as is or over spaghetti squash. This curry paste, from Kitchens of India, and this coconut milk, from Earth’s Choice, are the special ingredients.

Curry ingredients

6. Mountain views. We are so, so lucky to live in a beautiful place. The sunsets are outta control the last few weeks!

Moutain Sunset

7. Taking a Kettlebell for a stroll. Loaded carries are some of fave accessory type movements and I’ve been using them often. Great for training alignment, and building stability through the shoulders and core. This is a “Racked Carry”.

Racked Carry

8. The launch of Core + Floor Restore! Thank you to everyone that supported the launch of C+FR. Feeling very grateful to be able to help women in any way I can, but especially to help take care of bodies.

Core + Floor Cover

9. Berg and Betts. My friends, Emily and Jessie (both mama’s with young kids), have a really cool company called Berg and Betts where they make beautiful watches from scrap leather of local designers that would otherwise go to waste. This is one I recently ordered:

Berg and Betts

10. #mindyourownplate. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. There is just no use in judging what someone else may or may not be eating. We don’t know their story, their mindset, their goals, what else they’ve eaten that day. Simply pay attention to what you are doing and eating, and don’t even worry about what anyone else is.

Mind Your Own Plate


That’s it for now!


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