The Core + Floor Restore Program

Regain your core and pelvic floor strength after birth.

2 different programs available, depending on your birth story.

Read on to determine which will support your body best. 


Choose Core + Floor Restore if you've had a vaginal birth. Choose Core + Floor Restore for C-Section if your most recent birth was a c-section.


Prices listed in USD.

Start Core + Floor Restore (the Original)
Start Core + Floor Restore for C-Section

This is for you, mama!

  • Do you want to a stronger core and pelvic floor?
  • Are you frustrated with your abs feeling weak and unsupportive?
  • Do you want to feel confident and comfortable in your body?
  • Does your low back, mid-back, and neck ache by the end of the day?
  • Do you want to workout with injuring your body?

My diastasis recti went from 4 fingers wide to only 2! My core got stronger and I like the accountability and support the program offered.

Katy H.

Birth is a major event for our bodies. Even though it's often not treated as one. Were you given a recovery plan after you had your baby?


I wasn't.


I created this core rehab plan to help all moms feel that their body is strong, fit, and functioning. Regardless of whether you had a vaginal birth or a cesarean. 

Every mama deserves this information.

    Regain Your Core Strength and Return To Workouts You Love

    Order Core + Floor Restore Today and You'll Receive...

    • Exercise Demo Videos

      Video demonstration of every exercise & bonus educational tutorials.

    • Core Recovery Manual

      Easy to follow education so you understand WHY you’re doing each exercise.

    • Diastasis Recti Assessment Booklet

      A workbook to help you stay accountable and track your progress.

    • 8-Week Calendar Tracking System

      Know exactly what to do each day of the program.

    • Exercise Photo Library

      Professional photos of every exercise.

    • 8-Week Core Exercise Program

      A daily, mini-circuit of exercises to complete for the next 8 weeks.


    At-Home Core Exercise System

    This program is made to fit your life. The new mom and the busy mom's life.

    Do the entire 8-week program from your home, whenever you can fit it in during your busy day, from wherever you are in the world.

    Whether you are a beginner exerciser or have been working out for years, ensuring your core and pelvic floor muscles are functioning as best they can is important for every mom's life. The exercises that you'll do in the Core Floor Restore program will help you do just that.


    The exercises were easy to follow and the instruction in re-connecting with your core was extremely helpful. My posture has improved and the pain in my upper back has went away!

    My distasis has healed, something I still can't believe and still double check with awe!

    • q-iconHow long is this program? What do I need?

      It’s 8 weeks total. All you need is your body and a medium strength resistance band.

    • q-iconI've just had my baby. When can I start?

      Typically, you can start within 2-3 weeks after birth. A vaginal birth or a cesarean.

    • q-iconHow long are the workouts? What do I need?

      The core training circuit will take you 7-8 minutes per day. You will do the exercises 5-7 days per week.

    • q-iconIs this program safe for pelvic organ prolapse?

      Yes. All the exercises are suitable for pelvic organ prolapse. You should check with your physical therapist to ensure they’re safe for your specific grade and situation.

    • q-iconI had my baby 5 years ago. Should I still do this now?

      Absolutely! We should always keep working on maintaining or gaining good function of our core and pelvic floor muscles.

    • q-iconI'm doing another workout program. Can I use this simultaneously?

      Yes. I would like you to use this as your workout warmup and on the days you’re not working out.


    Prices listed in USD.

    Start: Core + Floor Restore
    Start: Core + Floor Restore for C-Section

    The information you receive for optimal birth or C-section recovery is limited and hard to find. 

    Core + Floor Restore programming will teach you:

    1). The most effective abdominal and core training exercises for post-pregnancy

    2). Learn the exercises you MUST avoid after C-section to save yourself years of pain

    3). Keep your pelvic floor healthy - stop leaking when you exercise, laugh, run, or sneeze

    4). How to heal your Diastasis Recti for good

    5). Know how to get back to the workouts (lifting weights, running, CrossFit, etc) you love to do safely and strongly

    Jennifer Campbell

    Jessie is one of the most passionate women I have ever met. She has a deep desire to help women heal their bodies after pregnancy, but also their minds and their hearts too. I have never, ever met a trainer like Jessie before. When I recommend Jessie to friends I know I have just done them a huge favour. They are in VERY good hands and I know they will come back to me saying, “Wow, thanks!”.

    Jennifer Campbell Owner of Mama Lion Strong, Mom to 3 Kids

    What results can you expect from Core + Floor Restore and Core + Floor Restore for C-Section? 

    Improved posture and alignment - no more rounded "mom posture"!

    Reduce and heal your diastasis recti (abdominal separation)

    Get more strength and endurance in your pelvic floor muscles

    Ease your lower back, neck, and hip pain

    Manage or improve pelvic organ prolapse

    Return to exercise strong and injury free!

    Bodyweight Squats Start

    Bodyweight Squat End

    Start Restoring Your Core and Floor Today

    Your Coach - Jessie Mundell


    I'm the creator of Core + Floor Restore and Core + Floor Restore for C-Section programs.

    I'm a mom to my daughter, whose birth was an emergency c-section. I am the owner of JMG Fitness Consulting, where I specialize in coaching women through pregnancy and post-pregnancy exercise.

    I'm a registered Kinesiologist with a Masters degree in Kinesiology, where I focused my studies in prenatal and postnatal exercise.

    I want you to feel incredible, confident, and comfortable in your body and this program plays a key role in that, especially after such an intense surgery.

    I did the exercises and could feel the strength improvement, but the real mind blowing result was comparing my before and after progress pics.

    You could clearly see how my core tightened, flattening my abs and improving my posture.


    The Core + Floor Restore program has been completed by hundreds of moms around the world for years now. 

    This program combines my experience with training many pregnant and postpartum bodies, along with the invaluable feedback and results from my client, plus my own experience, all to create the very best and foolproof plan.

    Start Core + Floor Restore Today: 


    Start: Core + Floor Restore
    Start: Core + Floor Restore for C-Section

    I have given you my absolute best with Core + Floor Restore. All I ask is that you follow the plan with your best effort. If for some reason you’re not fully satisfied with Core + Floor Restore, I’ll refund you within 30 days.


    This program is great! It was easy to follow and offered exercises that both helped with my posture and strength but also my mental and emotional healing around my c-section recovery.

    I knew I was doing what my body needed to heal as well as teaching myself to move slow and with intention rather then jump into 'getting my body back'. Thank you, Jessie!

    - Lea
    Yes! I want to start the original Core + Floor Restore.
    Yes! I want to start Core + Floor Restore for C-Section.

    Your Core + Floor Restore program will be delivered to you fully online, after payment. Follow the email confirmation instructions to receive all your program documents. Email for any other Q's.

    Legal Disclaimer: Due to recent changes in law from the FTC, it is required that all companies identify what a "typical" result is. The results depicted on this website are from actual clients who have followed the workouts described in Core + Floor Restore and/or Core + Floor Restore for C-Section. If you don't do anything, you can expect no results.