I just took 4 weeks off of exercise.

Because I wanted to.

That’s it. That was my whole reason!

I just felt like taking a break.

And, although, you don’t need permission to take a break, let me give it to you: 

If you feel like taking a break from exercise, take a break.

Maybe you need a few days, or a week, or a month. Whatever. That’s not called, “falling off the wagon” or failing at your workout plan.

You’re not a bad exerciser.

You can take a break without worrying that you’ll never have the motivation to exercise again. You will. 

You can take a break without worrying that your pant size is going to increase. Maybe it will, maybe it will decrease, or maybe it will stay the same. Whatever happens, it’s fine. 

You can take a break because you know that your body, and your mind, and your life needs a break from intense exercise for a bit.

I normally strength train 2 days per week. It’s not like I was overtrained (LOL).

Side note: You guys. I am not the trainer that loooooooves to exercise. I like to move my body. A lot. I love lifting weights. But, I really like resting, too. Ha. 

I was in the midst of a busy work schedule, traveling, and then holiday-ing at a cottage for 3 weeks.


But, the best reason of all? I just *knew* that my body and my brain needed a rest from the routine. So I did that.

This was the longest break I’ve taken from exercise in a year, since my daughter is 13 months old now. I also took 4 weeks off of workouts after she was born. And, that felt great, too.

I know you’re inundated with all the #noexcuses things out there, but allow yourself to move. the. hell. on from that if it’s not serving you.

You’re allowed to have REASONS. Reasons why you’re tired, why you need to rest, why you need to walk instead of lift, or lie on the floor instead of run.

You don’t need someone to tell you it’s ok to take a break from exercising, but I’ll tell you again:

It’s ok.

You can take a break.


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