What’s a girl to do when she’s just moved cities, doesn’t yet belong to a gym, doesn’t want to pay a small fortune in drop-in prices, and quite frankly, just doesn’t want to leave the house to get her workout on? Well, I’ll tell ya. At-home workouts. Also known as, ‘where the people across the road at the bus stop can watch me lunge around my living room like a crazy person’.

Personally, I love working out at a gym a few times a week. I like to lift dumbbells, some iron, bust out chin-ups, and swing a bell. But, you can’t beat the convenience factor of a workout at home. Here’s a great (mostly) bodyweight workout that requires very little space, and only 1 resistance band. 

P.S. Make sure you read to end to get involved in some EXTRA SPECIAL FUN!

The Warmup

At home, I’ve been warming up with about 10 minutes of yoga. Mostly sun salutations, warriors, and a few inversions. So fun and freeing. If you’re not super comfortable with yoga but still need a total body warmup that is going to get you mentally and physically prepped, check out this sequence I put together. There’s videos of every exercise and it will have you sweating in 10 minutes or less. Great for any body, at any level.


The Workout (30 mins or bust)

Complete the following circuit 5-6x, with no rest between exercises and 1 minute rest between sets. 

1a). 1 Arm Rows: 12 reps each side. Stand in a split stance position. Pull shoulder back and down, as you draw the elbow beside your ribcage.

1 Arm Split Stance Row

1b). Walking Lunges: 15 reps each side. Step forward and bend deeply into both knees, trying to touch back knee towards the floor. Pull your body up using your front leg, and pushing off your back leg. Step through to the next side.

Bodyweight Squat

1c). Tricep Pushups: 12 reps. Place hands slightly more narrow than shoulder width apart. Tuck elbows into your sides as you lower into a pushup. Keep elbows in close as you push the body back up to the starting position.

Tricep pushups

Complete the following circuit 3-4x, with no rest between exercises and 1 minute rest between sets. 

2a). Fast Bodyweight Squats: 20 reps. With a full range of motion, but quick pace, squat deeply and power back up to the starting position squeezing the glutes.

Underhand Rows

2b). 2 Arm Underhand Rows: 15 reps. Pulling with both arms at the same time, palms are now facing up towards the ceiling.

Underhand rows

2c). Side Plank: 30 seconds each side. Prop body up onto one forearm, shoulder stacked over top of the same elbow. Hold body in a long, straight line.

Side Plank

*Adjust the reps/time as necessary.


EXTRA SPECIAL NEW YEAR FUN! From now until Sunday (Jan.5th/14)  post a pic to my Facebook page or Twitter of you getting this at-home workout in and I’d love to do a 15-minute Skype chat with you to answer any and all of your fitness and nutrition questions. That’s right! All you have to do is post a pic and I’m yours. Your chance to ask me anything! Let the fun begin 🙂


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