Another edition of Wordless Wednesday! Here’s 10 snapshots of what’s been happening in my life and what I’m lovin’ lately. (Ps. There’s a bonus #11, don’t miss it).

1). Jolly Jumpers. Seriously, my client’s babe is so happy in this thing it’s ridiculous. Whole hour. Bouncing away.

Camille jolly jumper

2). Costco: Organic Whole Chickens. Not 100% sure on the quality of this meat or where they’re raised, but it’s better than commercial grade chickens.

Costco organic chickens

3). Posterior Chain. Must do’s of pregnancy. Reminded all the time as I see my ladies move through their pregnancies how important it is to constantly and consistently train the entire backside of the body.

Andrea lawnmower rows

4). Real Life with Real Moms. This is one reason I love training new moms…this is the new normal. It’s amazing to watch women who I didn’t know “not pregnant”, now have their babies in class with them.

Leah & Audrey dead bugs

5). Fried Potatoes on Your Pizza Pie. Costco find, gluten-free pizzas for when you need to feed a pizza craving. Top with sliced potatoes fried in coconut oil with your favourite seasonings, then thrown on the frozen pie with other veg/meat and cook.

Costco Gluten Free Pizza

6). The Bros. Landreth. CD is played, on average, twice daily right now. Obsessed.

Bros Landtreth

7). Incense Burning. How did I forget about incense? Reminds me of my sister and her teenage angst (HA). This kind is called “Deep Relaxation”. Smells incredible and has fab ambiance.

Incense burning

8). Bretzel. Not the doughy thing you eat. This stretch is fantastic for anyone that works at a desk, has tight chest or hip muscles.


9). Bret Contreras: How to Structure Your Workouts Depending On Your Goals. This is a great visual of how I typically plan client programs and how you can incorporate these ideas into your own training plans.

Bret Contreras Primary Goal Flow

10). Dem Arms. Are you kidding me? Check out the muscklez on my sis! As I’ve mentioned before in her profile, my sister has been training via my online programming for the last 5 months and has done remarkably well. She’s been lifting some heavy stuff and is feeling amazing.

Nicki muscles

BONUS #11). Precision Nutrition Certified. I have officially completed my nutrition coaching certification. This means I am officially accepting nutrition coaching clients. Contact me here for more information on what nutrition coaching entails.

PN certificate

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