See the best women’s health and fitness articles, blogs, and info from the past week and kick off the new week ahead with some tips to take your health up a notch.

This is a weekly TOP 3 list (that’s it – who has time for more?) where you will see women’s health pro’s highlighted whom I respect and trust. They are experts in fields such as pregnancy, postpartum, conception, exercise, babies, pelvic floor and core, strength training, body image, nutrition, and more!


1). Why I Quit Hormonal Birth Control

“I decided to quit hormonal birth control because I was tired of the side effects, I knew there had to other ways to manage my fertility that worked with my lifestyle, and the risk factors just weren’t worth it anymore.

Frankly, I was also really pissed at mainstream medicine for becoming a pill-and-hormone pushing machine.”

This eye opening piece from Steph Gaudreau is an honest story from the heart of one woman who found a better way to manage her fertility. She took control and studied her own body to learn the best way for herself and her lifestyle.

We should all take a page from Steph’s book on being both proactive and knowledgeable about our own reproductive health. 

Read it here

2). Why Am I So Fat?

I gained all that weight because I was so busy working and growing as a person, a writer, an actor, a comedian, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a lover, an activist … a thinker, and a cook (ironic, right?!?) that I didn’t have time to pursue what I really, really want to do: spend my precious spare moments making anonymous comments on the blogs of successful, beautiful, hardworking women in a failed attempt to undermine them in order to give me some sense of power.”

Sara Benincasa is a powerhouse making us laugh a lot and cry a little as she responds to the cruel questioning of a stranger about the way her body has changed.

She lets us all know her worth comes from her successes in her career and humanity and has nothing to do with the size of her body. 

Read it here

3). I Am A “Too Much” Woman

There she is causing a ruckus with her persistent wanting, too much wanting. She desires a lot, wants everything—too much happiness, too much alone time, too much pleasure.

She’ll go through brimstone, murky river, and hellfire to get it. She’ll risk all to quell the longings of her heart and body. This makes her dangerous.”

We have all felt like our desires, needs and wants are “too much”. Ev’Yan Whitney awakens and calls out the “Too Much” woman in all of us.

She reminds us that it is not only okay, but it is our nature to need and want. And “too much” is just the right amount of woman.

Read it here



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