Honestly, it’s total BS.

Ask a C-section mama what recovery and rehab advice she got after her C-section and she’ll probably tell you she was told to not lift anything heavier than the baby and to not drive for 6 weeks.


NOTE: this was my experience, too. And, then a week postpartum, a girlfriend of mine who had a C-section a month before me said she was told not to take the stairs for 4 weeks.

…and I’d be taking the stairs since day 2 post C-section because my bedroom? On the second floor of our house.

C-section recovery is HARD. It just is. Any surgery recovery is and then we compound this major procedure with going home to take care of a newborn.

I want to start talking about how we can make C-section recovery EASIER for mama’s. It needs to be, to better support women.

Here’s the Advice I’m NOT Talking About:

  • eat 3 cups of homemade bone broth per day
  • hire a postpartum doula
  • don’t use the stairs for 4-weeks
  • have your partner get up with you for every night feed for the first 6 weeks to pass you the baby…

This is EXCELLENT stuff. But, please tell who can make this stuff happen? Not me. In my personal experience, this is not practical. Not even a little bit.

I had an “unplanned” C-section in August 2015. 37 hours of labor + a C-section means some serious recovery is in need.

(I think I kind of forgot about those days of labor after the C-section. That is a major physical event in itself, so remember what you’re working against in those early days.)

I’ve had a really great recovery and feel really thankful for that. But, a huge part of the reason I feel like I’ve had a great recovery is because I am a Prenatal & Postnatal Exercise Specialist.

I’ve seen so many women recover from C-sections. They’ve told me their experiences. What works, what doesn’t. What exercises feel good. What exercises do not feel good.

You shouldn’t have to have to sift through the internet and try to find the best information required to recover your body from a C-section. That should be part of the deal when you leave the hospital (who do I need to talk to so this happens?!).

I’m still in recovery mode. Remember that. I feel great but I’m very much aware of the intensity of that surgery.

Have you watched a C-section procedure? You should. It will give you a entirely new respect for what bodies go through.

I have coached and offered guidance to hundreds of women recovering from C-sections. Then I found myself walking the walk. There’s nothing quite like that.

I put together my best C-section recovery tips for you. I’ve interviewed pelvic floor physiotherapists and Naturopathic Doctors.

In fact, it’s a 30-page manual that gives you the most important information you need to heal your whole body after C-section.


  • How to do C-section scar massage
  • Why I think you should see a pelvic floor physiotherapist and how to find one in your area of the world
  • How to assess yourself for diastasis recti
  • What to eat (that is actually possible to do with a baby!) to support your body’s health and recovery
  • Tips for getting back to exercise

You’ll want this information if you’re scheduled for a C-section soon, if you’ve had one recently, or if your birth was years ago.

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