As we start to wrap up 2014, it’s a nice time to reflect on the past year.

As they all seem to be, 2014 was another big year of change for me. Was it for you? A good thing, absolutely.

The biggest of the big on my list this year: a move to a(nother) new city and a pretty major shift in career direction.

This time last year I had JUST moved from Edmonton to Calgary, a few days prior. I left a full roster of in-person training clients behind (I still miss you wonderful Edmonton people!) and was in a place where I needed to make a decision on how I wanted to shape the direction of my business.

This time last year, I was burnt out.  I was doing the fitness hustle, as my now coach Jill Coleman says, I was training 40+ hours a week in-person (tack on another 15+ of programming, researching, reading), plus, trying to reach more women online who were searching for advice on how to exercise in pregnancy and after.

I was packing up in Edmonton, looking for a new gym to coach at, and wondering what the heck I was going to do to not feel so. freakin’. tired. all the time.

Being in a place of “I have no idea what is going to happen” is scary, isn’t it? And, then you come to the other side of that unknowing and realize it all worked out exactly as it was meant to.

By the time you realize it, you’re likely in another state of “I have no idea what is going to happen”…and you know that somehow you will work it out, because what other option is there? 😉

So, here we are. Coming up on 2015. What were your big things of 2104? What was so scary a year ago that you’ve come to the other side of? What are you embarking on now that seems uncertain and tough to navigate?

All I’m certain of, is that 2015 will bring a whole bunch more challenge, struggle, joy, fun, and newness. I’ll be taking some time to reflect on the year and envisioning the next, and of course, will keep you updated along the way!

As we wrap up the blogs of 2014, here are your top 5 most viewed articles of the past year:

1). How to Assess Your Diastasis Rectus Abdominis

If you’ve had a baby, ever, this is a must-read for you. This simple, 2-minute test will give an idea of how your abdominal muscles are functioning.

Understanding diastasis recti can give you much better insight into the best core training exercises for you. (Hint: it’s probably not crunches and sit-ups!)

2). Top 10 Tips for Working Out After Baby

If you’re pregnant now, bookmark this for later. The things you must know for rehabbing the body post-pregnancy, and for getting back into more exercise when the time comes.

3). Preventing Tears and Healing Scars

Again, if you’re pregnant, if you’ve had a baby and experienced tearing of the perineum, or if you had a C-section birth, you need this information. This is an interview with my friend and colleague Marjorie Brook, where we cover how women should prevent tearing through birth, and how you can care for any scarring post-birth.

This is essential information to getting your core and pelvic floor to function well.

4). This is How I Really Eat

Basically, I got sick and tired of pretending that I eat protein, veggies, and fats all day everyday. Um, NO. I don’t, and it’s completely fine.

So, here’s how I really eat!

5). Top 10 Tips for Working Out in Pregnancy

If you’re trying to conceive or pregnant right now, you’ll want to read this one to guide you through your pregnancy workouts. Should you lift 20lbs max in pregnancy? Should you only do yoga and walk for your workouts? (Not if you want to lift weights, too!)

I want you to be confident and comfortable in your pregnancy workouts.

That’s it on the blog for 2014! Can’t wait to chat with you more in 2015.


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