Pregnant bellies have a unique beauty to them because we know that there is a baby growing inside the body. The fact that the body can even allow this to happen is so incredible.

Pregnant bellies are beautiful.

In many and any shape.

In many and any size.

If you’re pregnant now, I want you to take this to heart.

Because people say strange things to pregnant women.

You’re big.

You’re small.

You’re carrying high.

You’re carrying low.

That baby is going to come out so small.

That baby is going to come out huge.

Are you having twins? No? Are you sure?

You must be due any day now! No? Are you sure?

Where are you hiding that baby?

The list goes on….

Pregnancy is one of those times where you need to stay in your own body and your own space. Bodies carry babies differently. There’s really no use for comparison about your pregnant body to another body that makes you react or feel anything in a negative emotional way.

Bodies are different. Babies are different. It’s all fine. A body will carry a baby differently based on so many factors:

• First vs. subsequent pregnancy

• Alignment

• Your body fat levels

• Your muscle mass levels

• The tone in the abdominal wall

• Baby’s position in the body

Today, I want to share with you what different pregnant bodies look like at different stages of pregnancy. These bodies are all beautiful. They are all the right size. Exactly as they are.

(This is just Part 1! There are a couple more to come because so many of you graciously shared your photos with me. I’ll update you on when the next edition is live here!)

1). Adrienne: “Absolutely beautiful”

Beautiful Belly Andrienne Morey
2). Reinalyn: “Strong, radiant”Beautiful Belly Reinalyn Twellman 2

3). Kara: “Happy, amazed, empowered”

Beautiful Belly Kara Beutel

4). Bella: “Privileged, excited, hungry”

Beautiful Belly Bella Clayton

5). Gillian: “Blessed”

Beautiful Belly Gillian Sawyer

6). Lily: “Beautiful, special, blessed”

Beautiful Bellies Lily Sais

7). Amanda: “Grateful”

Beautiful Bellies Amanda Ilg

8). Caitlin: “Magical, impressed, uncomfortable (heartburn!)”

Beautiful Bellies Cailtin Gagnon

9). Sheri: “Proud, excited, unfamiliar”

Beauitful Bellies Sheri McAmis

10). Sarah: “Truly amazed”

Beautiful Bellies Sarah Wallace

11). Roxanne: “Lucky, excited, amazing”

Beautiful Bellies Roxanne Jonhston 2

12). Megan: “Amazed, beautiful”

Beautiful Bellies Megan Rinaldi

13). Amanda: “Strong, confident, excited” (You can see more pregnancy exercise tips and advice from my colleague Amanda here!)

Beautiful Bellies Amanda Perry

14). Kara: “Healthy, comfortable”

Beautiful Bellies Kara Simpson

15). Amie: “Amazed”

Beautiful Bellies Amie Lanier

16). Becky: “Proud, huge, unfashionable”

Beautiful Bellies Becky Spurbeck

17). Jennifer: “Strong”

Beautiful Bellies Jennifer Parkin

18). Katie: “Beautiful, strong, capable”

Beautiful Bellies Katie Thompson

19). Ashley: “Wonderful”

Beautiful Bellies Ashley Reynolds

20). Katja: “Proud, amazed, excited”

Beautiful Bellies Katja Guenther

21). Jessie Hodgson: “Strong, beautiful, happy”

Beautiful Bellies Jessie Hodgson

22). Shira: “Life, experience, fascinating” (You can see more pregnancy exercise tips and advice from my colleague Shira here!)

Beautiful Bellies Shira Nelson

23). Shanna: “Love”

Beautiful Bellies Shanna Carillo

24). Jessie (ME!): “In awe”

Pregnancy 31 weeks

Thank you so much to the beautiful women who have contributed.

Many more to come,




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