Unlearn the Kegel

by Oct 22, 2020

One of the most important things we can do with our postpartum clients and patients is to teach them to UNLEARN the kegel that they have likely been taught and probably have been taught incorrectly, or maybe not in the most optimal way for them to engage with, or learn how to use, their pelvic floor.  

Most people have been taught with one key goal and that is to contract.

They’re instructed to lift, squeeze their pelvic floor muscles a hundred times in a row and told that’s the thing that’s going to get them this pelvic floor that is strong, doesn’t leak, and will help them to eliminate the pelvic floor symptoms that they might be experiencing.

Watch this video for a consideration that is just as important as that contraction cue.


We need to teach them to unlearn all that nonsense that says ONLY lift and squeeze and hold and do it as strong and tight as you can.  

We need to teach them how to release and let go and allow and actually feel the pelvic floor muscles coming down. We need to teach them how to lengthen, release, relax and then to also build tension and this lifting action that they might have down really well.

Our job is to teach them both of those actions.

Not only the lifting and squeezing, also the coming down, releasing and relaxing.  

So unlearn the Kegel which is this lifting and never lowering.

What we want to teach them how to do is both actions.

How to lift and build tension and how to calm down and relax.



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Jessie Mundell is mama-in-chief at JessieMundell.com, where she’s helped hundreds of moms feel strong, confident, and EMPOWERED in their bodies with fitness programs tailored to their prenatal and postnatal needs.


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