4 Strategies for Prolapse in Fitness Coaching

by | Sep 27, 2017

If you’re training postnatal women, you are definitely training clients with Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), whether you know it or not. To be fair, your client might not even know it.

It can be a difficult conversation for your clients to start if they do know, as they may struggle with feelings of embarrassment if they are experiencing symptoms of incontinence, pain, or heaviness in the pelvic area.

I encourage you to start the conversation yourself. Even if it feels uncomfortable for you. Ask some questions about common symptoms, let your client know that these things are common after pregnancy, and refer them to a women’s health physiotherapist for an assessment.

Most importantly, let your client know that they can absolutely still train and do challenging workouts, and that you’ll be able to guide them through this in a safe way.

Below are my top 4 strategies for coaching clients with prolapse.

If you are a fitness or health professional working with moms, a tool to include in your practice is assessing for Diastasis Recti postpartum.

This simple assessment will give you and your clients key information on their core and pelvic health – necessary for moms to understand about their postpartum recovery and long-term health.

Get your FREE copy of the Diastasis Recti Assessment Guide here.

4 Strategies for Prolapse in Fitness Coaching



[0 – 1 minutes]: Introduction

[1-3 minutes]: What You Need to Know About POP

[3-5 minutes]: Prolapse and Trainers

[5-7 minutes]: Strategy #1 – Varying Body Position in Exercise

[7-9 minutes]: Strategy #2 – Breathing Techniques

[9-11 minutes]: Strategy #3 – Using Rest-Based Exercise

[11-13]: Strategy #4 – Confidence

[13-14 minutes]: Factors That Can Bring On Prolapse Symptoms

Ps. Remember to get your free Diastasis Recti Assessment Guide to start using with your mama clients (or yourself!) immediately, so you can best design postpartum workouts and treatment plans.

Jessie Mundell is mama-in-chief at JessieMundell.com, where she’s helped hundreds of moms feel strong, confident, and EMPOWERED in their bodies with fitness programs tailored to their prenatal and postnatal needs.

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