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The focus of my coaching programs is for women to discover their strength, in all the ways they need it. To build a stable core and pelvic floor. To build body strength. To build body confidence.

A). Private Online Coaching

If you’re looking for workout and nutrition programming that is specifically designed for your needs and goals, this is the track for you. Currently, I am only taking on clients who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or postnatal (postnatal = any time after baby). 

You can Apply Here to be a coaching client. 

B). Group Online Coaching 

Monthly workouts, nutrition guidelines, extra education and community support are the rocks of group coaching. This takes place in the To Pregnancy & Beyond membership club for women who are trying to conceive, those who are pregnant, and for anyone who’s had a baby at any time.

You can see all details and become a member HERE.

C). Continuing Education for Trainers

Training New Moms is a program I wrote, in collaboration with the Personal Trainer Development Center, to educate fitness professionals on how to effectively work with postnatal clients.

If you work with women in your practice or in your gym, you must be educated in how to safely and effectively work with your clients who are moms. The Training New Moms program will teach you how to coach women after pregnancy, through recovery, to strong, stable bodies.

D). Skype Consultation  

If you need some guidance or have questions on something specific (e.g. healing your Diastasis Recti, exercises to avoid in pregnancy, coaching advice for your clients), a consultation over Skype is your best option. All calls are 30 minutes or less. 

Book your session here.

I will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm a time for your call. Can’t wait to chat with you!