To The Mom Whose Birth Went Differently Than She Expected It To And Hoped It Would


I was that mom whose birth went differently than she expected it to and hoped it would. I believed. I prepared. I educated myself. Had the best team. I did the things. Yet, it didn’t go anything like how I thought it might. Turns out, after much reflection, it went exactly like it was supposed…

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Self-Care For Moms With Young Kids (In The Real World)


Erin Brown, a fellow Girls Gone Strong Advisory Board Member and mom, refers to self-care as taking exceptionally good care of yourself and encourages people to do ‘Queen Shit’ in order to do so. I love this. My definition of self-care and Queen Shit has changed remarkably since having my daughter 15 months ago. That’s normal…

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6 Tips For Returning To CrossFit Post-Pregnancy


I’m not going to try to scare you, or suggest you should never go to CrossFit after pregnancy so don’t fear! Returning to or beginning CrossFit, or any form of more intense exercise with heavier weight lifting and higher impact exercise, needs a plan postpartum and preferably not a thrown together workout that looks like same for someone…

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[VLOG] How do I know when I’m ready to increase the intensity of workouts postpartum?


Do I have to wait until 3 months postpartum before I lift any weights? Do I have to finish the Core + Floor Restore program before I start strength training? How do I know when I can lift heavier? Today I’m sharing a super simple guideline that you can keep in the front of your…

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Strength After Loss


October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. We wanted to honour the moms and families that have lost their loves with a story from a very special guest, my friend, Ashley.  TRIGGER WARNING.  When I first met Ashley we talked about the emotional turmoil of this experience. In every aspect of life. If you’ve been through a…

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4 Things Fitness Pro’s Must Know About Coaching Moms


Coaching postnatal mama’s is NOT the same as coaching any other client in the gym. Or, it shouldn’t be the same.  There are glaring differences and there are subtle differences. As a fitness professional you need to understand these in order to best progress and support your client. As a coach for women in pregnancy and…

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I’m Bored AF Talking About Fat Loss


Is fat loss a bad goal for moms? It might be. Let me explain why. The bulk of my client base are moms. And, we talk about fat loss approximately 0% of the time. BUT WAIT! Doesn’t every mom want to lose weight? Nooooo! People are often confused when I tell them I work in fitness…

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You Don’t Need Permission to NOT Workout


I just took 4 weeks off of exercise. Because I wanted to. That’s it. That was my whole reason! I just felt like taking a break. And, although, you don’t need permission to take a break, let me give it to you:  If you feel like taking a break from exercise, take a break. Maybe…

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5 Reasons Your Diastasis Recti Might Not Be Healing


It’s commonly thought that most, if not all, pregnant bodies will experience some degree of abdominal separation during pregnancy. YOUR BODY IS SMART. To grow a baby in your body, your abdominal wall needs to stretch. A lot. Luckily, your body can make that happen. It’s incredible, although, not always the most comfortable 😉 Your abdominal…

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3 Things You MUST Know For Better Core + Pelvic Floor Function Now

3 Things You Must Know For Better Core + Floor Function

This past weekend I presented at the annual Women’s Fitness Summit. I got to coach a session to all the summit attendees speaking about core and pelvic floor basics (where we barely scraped the surface in one hour), and then was able to work with small groups on the Bonus Day more in-depth. During the…

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