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I’m on a mission to train postnatal specialists who can give people the kind of holistic care that they so desperately need, that is woefully missing.

If you’re a coach, trainer, fitness or health practitioner who is committed to learning and continually doing better for the postpartum populations you serve, then please join me at the FREE, live class: 

Tuesday, October 20th at 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST

Moms and people post-pregnancy are: 


Wondering if they’ll ever be able to trust their bodies to get them through the day-to-day, nevermind getting back to running, or whatever activity they love most…


Asking health professionals for help, knowing in their gut that something isn’t quite right, but are getting dismissed…


Living with untreated pelvic floor issues that cause them to pee when they sneeze, run, laugh...

As fitness and health practitioners, it’s our responsibility to give womxn the modern, holistic approach to postnatal care that addresses their physical, emotional, and mental needs. 

P.S. This training is completely free, and I’ll be there to answer questions. So, if you’re even a little bit interested, grab your seat.

See you Tuesday!

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