Online Workshop

Body Talk: Managing Conversations about Body Image, Body Size, and Body Discomfort with Your Clients and Patients

hosted by jessie mundell, with very important guests:

chrissy king and erin bogle

Jessie Mundell: Pre/Postnatal Fitness Trainer and Kinesiologist

Chrissy King: Fitness Coach and Anti-Racism & Equity Consultant

Erin Bogle: Size Inclusive Advocate and Community Builder

An exploration of diet culture and anti-fat bias in a culturally aware manner, in which you will learn how to:


Reduce harm when speaking to clients about their bodies in your fitness, wellness, and health spaces.


Have sensitive, exploratory conversations around weight stigma and body composition in your client and group sessions, including with pregnant and postpartum people.


Actionable tips to help you shift away from, or completely stop, coaching or advising intentional fat loss or weight loss.


Create fitness and health spaces where people of all body sizes feel a sense of belonging and ease.


LED BY CHRISSY KING: Understand the racial origins of anti-fatness, differences between body image and body positivity, and why your fat/weight loss coaching is upholding anti-Blackness if you’re a white person. 


LED BY ERIN BOGLE: Understand your anti-fat bias as a health practitioner and how to help people of size feel safer entering your fitness and health spaces.

This session is designed and important for personal trainers, fitness professionals, physiotherapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, doulas, midwives, physicians, massage therapists, yoga instructors, and other movement practitioners.

You get immediate access to the 2.5 hours long workshop.

Body Talk is available to you upon purchase, to watch on your own time.


$199 USD

Body Talk will not be available for purchase after this date.

Commit to being a practitioner who creates online and in-person fitness and wellness spaces that people feel comfortable accessing in their current body.

Ready to change the fitness and health industry?

There will be no refunds issued. If you have any questions or need financial assistance in accessing this session, please email us at:

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